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Is this a scam?

No, we are not a scam.

We are a legitimate business, running competitions and promoting products that adhere to Worldwide Laws & Regulations. We do not cater scam, fake or hoax competitions and contests. These competitions are completely legitimate.

Who are you?

Competitions To Win Money is a competition aggregation website.

You can find our website here: https://competitionstowinmoney.co.uk

Where I can find the terms and conditions of the competition?

You can find the terms and here: https://www.competitionstowinmoney.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

How many times can I enter a competition?

You can find the maximum entry limits in the Terms and Conditions (mentioned above). In general, for any one entrant:

  • Cash and/or cash prize competitions have a maximum of 24 entries and no more than 4 entries per prize.
  • Car competitions have a maximum of 26 entries and no more than 1 entry per each 2-week period.

When do the competitions close?

You can find the competition deadlines on the competitions page.

Is it free to enter?

Yes, all competitions are free to enter, including the newsletters you receive. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Making a purchase will not improve your chances of winning. We also do not require payment in exchange for our prizes.

How will I know if I have won a prize?

We will contact our prize winners via phone and email. You will have provided us with these contact details when you submitted your entry. The representative will be legitimate if they are a representative of Competitions To Win Money.

Can Competitions To Win Money submit an entry on my behalf?

We are legally not allowed to submit an entry on your behalf. To submit an entry yourself, simply click on the Enter Button and follow the steps through.

Why is my phone number not valid?

You are able to enter all our competitions without a phone number as this section is optional.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletters?

You can unsubscribe by following this link: https://competitionstowinmoney.co.uk/.

  • Enter your email address in the blue box at the top
  • Select the 4th box (“Unsubscribe, You’ll never hear from us again, Goodbye!”)

If you re-enter any of our competitions through a Facebook or Google ad or organically, you will be automatically subscribed again.

Why am I receiving offers from third-parties?

We are a marketing company that offers promotional offers to people who opt-in to accept these deals. We are legally not allowed to sell your data without your permission. If you opted-in to any promotions, occasionally some of them will call you about the offer but no one will call you without your permission. You can simply tell them you are not interested and do not wish to receive further calls.

Can you update my information?

We are not able to update your information on a competition you have already entered.

However, if you enter a new competition, your information will be updated to the last one you gave us.

I put in all my information and it doesn’t go through.

Did you check if you are eligible to enter our competitions? If you are from a country that is outside of our Terms & Conditions you will not be able to enter.

Also, if your phone number is the issue, you can enter by leaving the phone number box empty.

Can I upload my promotion to Competitions To Win Money?


Please be aware that posting a competition on the website will cost £250 to set up. You can also be featured at the top of our homepage for an extra £100 a week.

You can also be featured on our newsletter and/or on a full page sent to our engaged database. Let us know your target audience and we will get back to you with a quote.

If you’re interested, please send us an email at hello@competitionstowinmoney.co.uk with the following details:

  • Your Full Company Name
  • External Promotion Url
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Prize Details
  • Country and Timezone
  • Promotion Type, Legal Name and Description
  • Main Promotion Image: (780 x 780 pixels)
    • Header Promotion Image (1580 x 780 pixels)
    • Entry Details